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Solar Covers By Pool Size, Sq Ft Or Sq M

There are different grades of solar cover that offer different heat retention properties with a different thickness and warranty.

Do Not Be Misled By Inferior Covers, All Of Our Covers Are Made By The UK's Leading Independent Swimming Pool Manufacturer

The different grades we offer are as follows;
Pro-Rata Warranty ( UK & Eire Only )
Thickness Warranty Appearance Bubble Shape
400 Micron Blue 3 Year Blue Top & Underside Regular Bubble
400 Micron GeoBubble Apollo 4 Year Blue Top Silver Underside GeoBubble
500 Micron GeoBubble Midas 4 Year Blue Top Gold Underside GeoBubble
500 Micron GeoBubble Sol+Guard 6 Year Translucent Top & Underside GeoBubble
All covers come with a white Solar Protector Sheet that must be used when the cover is on the roller in order to stop the sun from overheating and degrading the cover.
The Cover sits on top of the water bubble side down

Solar Covers

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