The average life of a liner is 10-12 years

Swimming Pool Liner Replacements, for clients in Tunbridge Wells and surrounds

Swimming Pool Liner Replacements

We have over 28 yearsโ€™ experience in the business and in our opinion, the average life of a liner is 10-12 years. There are of course many factors that contribute to a Liners longevity including how warm you run your Pool and keeping the water chemically balanced.

Vinyl Liner

  • Wide range of patterns available
  • 75mm (30 thou) thickness
  • 10-year pro-rata guarantee
  • 29-degree maximum running temperature
  • Material is impregnated with Algaecide
  • Patterned Material has a protective lacquer coating
  • Tile bands are triple coated with lacquer to help prevent staining at the water line
  • Designed to use in domestic pools with normal bathing load
Extreme On-Site Lining
Cost-effective way for lining

Extreme On-Site Lining

A cost-effective way for lining both old and new pools, including concrete, that is tough and hard wearing. This Liner is cut and tailored for your Pool and heat welded onsite at any time of the year.

  • Different patterns to choose from, including racing lanes and motifs
  • Thick, reinforced PVC material that is 60 Thou thickness
  • Guaranteed for 10 years up to 32 degrees
  • Ideal for renovating old, leaking pools
  • Stain, abrasion, and scratch resistant
  • Unaffected by frost and ice
  • Easy to clean and maintain
Reinforced and textured

3D Extreme On-site Lining

The same as Extreme Lining but reinforced and textured for a unique swimming experience. The material has multiple layers of protective lacquer to keep the liner looking as good as new and is available in many different patterns and is 80cm thick.

3D Extreme On-site Lining
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