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What is a Skimmer

Skimmers are designed to draw water in from the Pool and send it through the Filtration System. This is to keep the water clean and to catch floating debris before it sinks to the bottom or gets sucked in and blocks the Pump. They are usually rectangular in shape and are installed near to the surface on the Pool wall (or on the surface itself if it’s a Floating Skimmer). The water level usually covers the bottom half of the Skimmer and some Pools have more than one. The Skimmer also provides a conveniently located suction line for vacuuming and are also where Sanitiser tablets sit to dose the Pool.

How a Skimmer works

A Skimmer consists of a Skimmer Basket and can also have a lid/door (also known as a Weir Flap). Firstly, the Pump pulls in water through the opening or Weir Flap. This swings in and out and ‘skims’ the water surface, letting in a small amount of water. Large floating debris (leaves, twigs etc.) are then collected in the Skimmer Basket and the water then continues on and passes through the Filtration System. It is the Pool owner’s responsibility to empty the Skimmer Baskets to prevent them getting blocked and the water not being able to flow through to the rest of the system.