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What is a Sand Filter

A Sand Filter removes impurities from the water and is an integral part of your Swimming Pool Filtration System. Although it’s called a Sand Filter, Sand is a form of media and is the most commonly used media within the Filter, however other types of media include OC-1 and glass beads amongst others.

The sand used is a refined type of sand known as Silica Sand. In terms of size, it’s 16/30 grade which allows adequate filtration and when viewed under a microscope, is very irregular in shape. 

Although there is little to no difference in the physical appearance to old and new sand, over time the irregularities in the sand will wear off leaving the sand as round particles and not able to filter out debris well enough. It also has a tendency to clump together over the years and will become like concrete, that’s is why we recommend a sand change every 4 - 5 years, or sooner should you be experiencing water clarity problems.

How a Sand Filter works

When the Multiport Valve is set to ‘Filter’, the water is passed through the Pump and then the Filter from the Skimmer at high pressure allowing the sand to trap any debris. The filtered water then passes through into the heater and any other additional equipment and back into the Pool.