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What is a Frost Stat

A Frost Stat is a Thermostat for the Pump that detects when the air temperature drops below a certain temperature and then activates your Pump to prevent freezing in the pipework. It works in the same way as your central heating thermostat.

How a Frost Stat works

The Frost Stat system works alongside your Pump. If the Frost Stat senses the air temperature has dropped below the set temperature (this is normally zero but is set by you) it turns the Pool Pump on to circulate the water and will run continuously until the temperature rises above the set temperature. It is much harder for moving water to freeze than it is standing water! With a Frost Stat system, there is no need to drain down the whole system when preparing your Pool for the Winter, which in turn, means that its simpler to get the Swimming Pool back up and running for the Summer. It also means, should the Pool go green during the Winter, it is easy to run the Pump enabling the water to be ‘Shocked’ keeping it clean and balanced ready for opening.

Although it may cost you a little extra to have the Filtration System running on and off during the Winter, you will save on the time it takes to close and open the Pool, Winter Maintenance and also save replacing the pipework should you get frost damage!