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What is a Chlorine/Bromine Feeder

A Chlorine/Bromine Feeder, also known as a Chlorinator/Brominator, is an automatic feeder for Chlorine or Bromine tablets. There are two types of Chlorinator, in-line and off-line. An in-line Chlorinator is fitted directly to your Filtration system after the Heater, or the Filter if you don’t have a Heater. This means it’s the last thing ‘in the line’ before the water returns to the Pool. An off-line Chlorinator/Brominator is retrofitted and has hoses running to and from the main plumbing. Whether you have an in-line or off-line Chlorinator is determined by the space you have available and whether it can be retrofitted. Having a Chlorinator is an alternative to putting the Chlorine/Bromine tablets in the Skimmer Basket, which over time will degrade the basket and it will need replacing. A Chlorinator also has a greater capacity than a Skimmer Basket.

How a Chlorine/Bromine Feeder works

By using a Chlorinator, the Pool water is dosed with Chlorine at an even rate before it goes back into the Pool, eliminating direct concentrated contact with any of your other equipment.

Some points to remember when researching a Chlorinator for you:

Above or In-Ground Pool – the type of Pool you have will narrow the search.

Size of the Pool – check the capacity of the Chlorinator to ensure it is sufficient for your Pool volume.

Brand - It is often a good idea to go with ‘bigger’ brands purely because they are likely to be around long term meaning its easier for you to find spare parts should anything need replacing. Lesser known brands may be cheaper, but they may not have a good supply of spare parts meaning you would need to replace the complete Chlorinator should anything go wrong.

In-line or Off-line – as mentioned above, this is mainly determined by the space you have available.