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If you have a Polaris Swimming Pool Cleaner and need spare parts it can be difficult to identify exactly which one you have as there are a number of different models out there. Hopefully the following will help you to pin it down.

1. Serial Number: This can be found on the back of your Polaris

Older models will have it stamped or moulded on the back.

Newer models will have a sticker with the number on.

  • 380 serial number starts with a “K”
  • 280 with a “C”
  • 360 with an “L" 

2. Colour (If you cannot find the Serial number then start with the Colour):

Older ones were Blue and White, although there were exceptions, some of them were available in Black e.g. Black Max versions.

Newer models are Blue, Grey and Black.

 3. Bag: The 360 and the 380 both use a bag with Squared Clips to attach it to the frame.

The 180 uses only Velcro.

The 280, 480 and the 3900 use a bag with Tear Drop shaped clips.

4. Jets: (The number of Jets varies between series) remove the bag and have a look into the hole and you can see the jets near the bottom

  • 180 = 1 jet
  • 280 = 2 jets
  • 360, 380 or 3900 = 3 jets

5. Booster Pump: (A Booster Pump is needed for the running of most Polaris Cleaners)

The diameter of the hose on an in-ground Pool Cleaner is less than 1¼" and the hose is smooth.

The 360 in-ground Polaris does not use a Booster Pump.

The above ground Pool Cleaners, 60, 65 and Turbo Turtle do not need a Booster Pump, the hose is corrugated with a 1¼" diameter.