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This is a service we offer throughout the year. A domestic Spa / Hot Tub needs maintaining on a weekly basis and if there is a particular problem then it may be more often for a period of time. If this is too much for you then have a chat with us and we can work out a maintenance service for you where we can do it all or we can share it with you. 


Our service consists of the following:

Clean Filter

Check and adjust chemical balance

"Shock" as necessary

Clean waterline

Check Spa / Hot Tub temperature

Clean cover

Flush system once a month, depending on use

Re-stock any chemicals needed 

We will leave a card for you stating what we have done and if there is anything that you need to do or to know.

A visit will normally be 1 hour although this does depend on the condition of the Spa / Hot Tub. The minimum charge is 1 hour, thereafter in ½ hour increments.

Obviously the day to day running of your Spa / Hot Tub remains your responsibility. So if you were to opt for a service that is less frequent than Weekly you will need to do the maintenance, in particular checking the chemical balance, yourself for the time in between our visits. 

Please call us on 01892 522 299 for more advice or to book maintenance.