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Help! My Pool is cloudy

There are 4 main reasons a Pool goes cloudy. This can be because of one reason or a combination. The most common reasons are;


  1. Pool Sanitiser has got to low - it is trying to turn green

To check this, you should carry out a Chlorine/Bromine test on the water.

Add Stabilised Chlorine Granules or Bromine Granules dependant on your chosen sanitation. It is also advisable to shock the pool at the same time.

  1. pH is incorrect

When your pH is too high, it can lead to Calcium not dissolving properly which in turn leads to a cloudy pool.

If pH is too low the Chlorine becomes very reactive and depletes very fast forming lots of combined Chlorine, which then leads to a cloudy Pool.

Check and address your pH.

  1. Faulty Filter

If your Filter has not had its Media replaced for a few years, its likely this will not be filtering adequately and will need replacing to get the clarity back into the Pool water. If you have a Sand Filter, this Media (Sand) should be replaced every 4-5 years.

Change your Filter Media.

  1. Weather

Your Pool can look lovely one day, we have a thunderstorm, you look in the morning and have a green pool! This is due to the Nitrogen in the air. Unfortunately, there is nothing that can stop this, but it is helpful if the weather is thundery to take off the Pool cover and let the Pool breath. Nitrogen is plant food and will feed the Algae in your Pool (there is always some in the Pool albeit in microscopic amounts). The Nitrogen, caused by lightening, is washed down when it rains and into the Pool causing the Algae to multiply at a great rate, thus turning the water green.

Shock Pool with Liquid Chlorine.