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Well there is really no definitive answer. Although ‘Frost Stat’ does marginally come out on top as far as usage is concerned both are recognised. It is basically a Thermostat for the Pump to prevent frost in your System. 

What does it do?

A common misunderstanding is that it has to do with your Swimming Pool Heater but it is in fact tied in with your Pump. A Frost Stat works on the premise that it is much harder for moving water to freeze than standing water. If for example you have a Frost Stat and set it to say 1º C, then the Pump will come on whenever the temperature falls below this and will run continuously until the temperature rises to above 1º C again.

You will need to drain the Heater and fit a bypass around it then just switch off any other components in your System.

Have the Filter Pump on a timer and set it to come on for about an hour a day and set the frost stat to your preferred temperature.

If the level of the water in the Swimming Pool has risen after a lot of rain then run a backwash (It is advisable to backwash every 8 weeks).

With a Frost Stat System there is no need to drain the whole system to prepare the pool for the Winter, which in turn means that it is simpler to get the Swimming Pool up and running for the Summer. Also if your Pool should go green during the Winter it is easy to run the Pump System, enabling the water to be "shocked" keeping it clean and balanced for the coming season.

It may cost you a little extra to have the Filtration System running on and off during the Winter when it would normally be off but you will save on the time it takes to close and open the Swimming Pool, the Winter Maintenance and has the added safeguard of eliminating the chance of frost damage.