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A Chlorinator is simply a feeder for chlorine tablets. If a chlorinator is not used then typically chlorine tablets are placed in the skimmer basket to chlorinate the pool. Over time the chlorine tablets will degrade the basket and it will need replacing. With a chlorinator the pool water is dosed with chlorine at an even rate before it comes back into the pool therefore eliminating direct concentrated chlorine contact with any of your other equipment. A chlorinator also has a greater capacity than the skimmer basket, ergo does not need refilling so often.

Here are some pointers to help narrow your search for the appropriate chlorinator:

Above or In-Ground Pool: The type of pool you have will narrow the search.

Size of Pool: Obviously the size of your pool and the volume of water it holds will decide what size of chlorinator you need. Check the capacity of the chlorinator to ensure it is sufficient for your pool volume.

Make: It is often smarter to go for the ‘bigger’ names purely because it is easier should you need to replace any parts in the future. The lesser known makes may not be there in the long term or they may not have a good supply of parts and you would need to replace your complete chlorinator. Also check for extra options e.g. self-cleaning.

In-Line or Off-Line? This is decided by the factor of space. Do you have enough room for an in-line to fit with the rest of your system? In-line chlorinators need to be connected directly after the heater, or the filter if you do not have a heater. It will be the last thing 'in the line' before the water returns to the pool.